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Posted on 01-05-2015

Written by: Shawna Ruff LMP

Lavender and it's many known benefits stem from centuries of medicinal use. There are over 400 properties in Lavender, most of which are utilized through the topical application of the essential oil. Lavender, a purple stalk like flowering plant that calls Northern Africa it's place of origin, today flourishes all over the world.

Even here in the Northwest. Sequim, Washington is known for it's world class Lavender, holding a three day festival in the summer to honor the healing plant. Sequim's Lavender is so highly regarded that it is sought by top distributors of the plant. If you aren't familiar with essential oils, please click here to learn more about them. 

Unlike other essential oils, lavender can be found in nearly everything we wash or scrub with. Lavenders name comes From the Latin word "Lavare" meaning to wash. Found in laundry detergent, dish soap, air fresher, shampoo, conditioner, soap and many other household disinfecting, cleaning products.

Lavender is also widely used as a culinary herb. for teas, cakes, poultry seasoning, beef brine, and so much more. Traditionally used in natural medicine to calm the nerves, as an anti-anxiety tincture, sleep aid, pain reliever, acne wash, and muscle relaxant. Lavender is an amazing all purpose plant.

It is recommended for expecting mothers before, during, and after pregnancy to help balance hormones, assist in emotional balancing. Topically it also aids in the relief of the formation of stretch marks and keeps the skin supple.

The benefits of lavender are so varied and in such wide use, that you've probably experienced them at some point in your life already. However, if you haven't had the chance to check out lavender, now is a good time.

I recommend getting the very best essential oil you can find on the market, which is doTERRA Lavender essential oil -I have two wonderful lavender recipes for you to try:

Lavender Tea:
Steep fresh lavender herb in hot water, near boiling water, for ten minutes. This aromatically strong, delectable herb tea will soothe your senses and ease your body to relax. Not recommended for children.

Lavender Epsom Salt Soak:
2 Cups Epsom Salt 7 drops CPTG doTERRA Lavender Oil (recommended) Close the drain of your bathtub, place Epsom salt and lavender oil under the tap, turn on the water and fill the tub. As the salt and oil dissolves into the bath water it will become aromatic, very fragrant. Then soak. I recommend the warmest water you can comfortably stand for twenty or so minutes. This will ease muscle cramps, general anxiety, and assist in relieving insomnia too.

As a massage therapist I have encountered thousands of products that use Lavender oil as their base component because it has so many amazing restorative properties. From skin and hair rejuvenation, disinfectant surfactant, to muscle relaxation, lavender does it all.

I highly recommend trying lavender to relieve your every day stress. Should you have questions or would like to learn more about Lavender or essential oils, please don't hesitate to contact me via phone at 206.324.2225 here at Atlas Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center.

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