Dear ACHC Family:

As we continue to follow the news regarding the coronavirus.  

We understand the concerns that you and your family may have. Please know that our team has been diligent in following strict sanitation guidelines.

Our goal is to make sure you and your families are safe.

These are the additional measures and precautions that we are taking:

  • You will have your forehead temperature taken with an infrared thermometer when you check in with staff at the front desk. 
  • Dr. Xidos and her staff will be wearing face masks. 
  • Dr. Xidos will be washing her hands and forearms in between every patient. 
  • Sanitizing adjusting tables thoroughly in between each patient including removing the face paper to access and clean the entire face cradle.
  • Sanitizing tools such as the Activator and Percussor used during treatment as needed between patients.
  • Sanitizing doorknobs and door timers between patients.
  • We have eliminated the iPad sign in, front desk staff will check you in on arrival and take you straight back to your individual treatment room. 
  • We will be limiting the number of patients allowed in the office at one time and have spaced the chairs in the waiting room to keep recommended social distance.
  • We are keeping our front door open during office hours to eliminate the need to touch door handles. Please allow Dr. Xidos or staff to open treatment room doors for you.
  • Tissues are provided to use on water purifier.
  • Bathroom are unlocked for easier access.  
  • Dyson air purifier running in all rooms.
  • All staff members are healthy and taking measures to ensure that.

These are safety measures that have always been in place:

  • Large closed door individual treatment rooms which isolates patients, with windows that can be opened to promote air flow.
  • Dyson air purifiers in each treatment room.

We are offering special accommodations for our high risk patients, please call ahead to coordinate.

As we navigate this journey together we ask for your patience as these sanitation measures may increase waiting time. Again, we are here for you and your families during these times of uncertainty.  We are following updates closely and we will notify you of any immediate changes.

Wishing you good health,

Dr. Xidos and staff


We look forward to hearing from you


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